If anything my relatively short career of 8yrs in FINANCIAL PLANNING & ANALYSIS (FPA) taught me was that my target audience had the attention span of child as they would jump meeting to meeting, call to call or engaged in board-rooms discussions. Time allotted to put-forth views and data kept decreasing each year. Sometimes, the information and red flags were unheard or skipped due to lack of time.

This is usually when the Power of Visualization plays an important role to –

  • Highlight Achievement and Track Performance
  • Convey Outliers and Anomalies.
  • Highlight slippages
  • Raise red flags

A well informed leader takes better decision when backed by data.

Swostik Satpathy 2017 – Q3 Company results

There are two categories of decision makers.
1. Marred by time – Quick impromptu decision maker and
2. Master Oogway – Highly venerated situation at hand examiner.

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In either case – grabbing the attention and communicating message is paramount.

This can be achieved through:
1. Presentation Statistics or Infographics
2. Presentation Design and
3. Audience Engagement – which we often fail to embed.

Speak Loud… Speak Visually..

Source – Visme

The sure shot way to catch any audience’s attention is either through eye-catchy one of a kind data driven infographics where colors and fonts including placement and volume of information being conveyed matters most.


an effective vocal orator who can command the stage given and with few words emphasize the need of the hour to the target audience.

80+% fall under category-I and less than 1% are really effective under category-II.

Some examples of effective Infographics idea to get you going…

Creator: Mary Alexander Website: Southafrica-info.com
Creator : GDS Infographics Website : Meettheboss.tv